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The Best Fruits of Cameroon.

Cameroon is the first exporter of tropical exotic fruits in the African Continent due to its special characteristics of tropical soil and climate, which is why Cameroon's Cavendish Banana is known for its quality and flavor in the international markets.
Being An African Miniature Country, that is All African Soils In One Country, Cameroon can produce all fruits that has possibility to be grown in all of Africa.


DYD Fruits Group has taken advantage of this Cameroon's diversity and today exports the best quality of Hass and Fuerte Avocados, Cavendish Bananas, Yello Eureka Lemons, Alphonso Mangoes And MD2 Pineapples with the best quality. Herewith our main fruits:


Herewith Our Main Available Fruits Throughout The Year. Please Click on each fruits to see it details;


DYD Fruits And Partners offer Fresh and Frozen Avocado Hass and Fuerte Avocado at the best market prices. We offer different sizes.

This green Avocado Fruit is often used for juice or is mixed into ice or other dishes. We offer organic avocados of both the popular varieties like Hass and Fuerte. Our fresh avocados are extra ordinarily luscious and yummy

We have an exclusive range of Fresh Avocado offered to our client.

High quality G9 Green Cavendish Bananas from Cameroon readily available for shipping world wide. We are loading per box 13.5 kg, 18.14 kg and 19.5 kgs (43 lbs) net weight and 21 kgs (46 lbs) gross weight

Our Process of Packaging involves the highest standards that will assure that your fruit arrives in excellent condition.

The Premium Bananas are carefully packed in corrugated cardboard boxes cushioned with plastic bags.

The lemons we provide are premium in quality, attractive in colors, juicy, delicious, nutritious, good for your health. Long shelf life.

We guarantee importers to get the quality they pay for and reliable deliveries. Our Lemons meet or exceed the international standard and Euro standard Class 1.

From Appearance you see Glossy and Natural Green Yellow, no rusty spots, no wounds, green spots

We ensure that we deliver Mango with perfect packaging without any mess-ups. We use high quality packaging material to pack the .

Our Mango are wholesome, fresh and hygienically packed as per customer required meeting international standards.

We supply fresh Mango worldwide as per customer and or market requirement with high quality, Grade A and very competitive price

We offer best quality FRESH PINEAPPLE, Cultivated especially for export to fulfill our esteemed buyers.

We offer best quality Fresh Pineapple, cleaned and covered in paper cuttings to retain the freshness & exotic taste.

We take great care in packing in carton box with partition. Farm Fresh Pineapples are delivered to the customers.

Note: We can also supply other fruits like Apple, Limes, Oranges, Pawpaw etc in small quantities and seasonal.

Added Value

  • Decent and fair work
  • Steady intellectual growth under continuous training seminars.
  • Job security, a business necessity.
  • Job stability which is necessary for continuous and mutual growth.
  • Constant incentives for growth within the institution.
  • Being the best ecuadorian banana suppliers.
  • Giving the producer a fair and legal price.
  • Working to grow in production and exportation volume.
  • Giving always the best working conditions to our employees.
  • Keep growing with efficiency and maturity in market and quality management.
  • Return safely and sustainably the nutrients to nature.
  • Improving every day to achieve efficiency and reduce the use of agrochemicals.
  • Community responsibility for those who help us.

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