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DYD Fruits (DYD Fruits Group) is the made up of 05 fruits producing firms all of which are family businesses dedicated to the production and export of Tropical Exotic Fruits in Cameroon in the Central African sub-region with more than 57 years of combined experience in the industry.
In short term, Members of DYD Fruits Group are Agro-Industrial Complex Firms that grows, processes and markets tropical export crops. It operates in Cameroon in the Central African sub-region with partners all over the World. A Partnership Private company and it's operations management is directed by a General Manager and governed by a Board of Directors also headed by a Chairman.

Currently, Our plantations cover a total of approximately 41,000 Hectares of land, 38,000 Hectares of which is mature and of production stage. The corporation constitutes a workforce of over 3,100 employees, including temporal workers, making it one of the highest employer in the private sector.


Its major products include Avocados, Banana, Lemon, Limes Mangoes and Pineapple
Our first grade Fruits of Avocados, Banana, Lemon, Mango and Pineapple are sold overseas through agents like Dole, Makossa, Sawa, Del Monte, Fruitier, Savana, Euro, etc. Sub-standard Fruits of Avocados, Banana, Lemon and Pineapple is sold in the sub-region and locally.

Our high quality standards are backed by GLOBAL GAP certifications, Certificate of Environmental Conformity etc allowing us to serve the world's most demanding markets, such as Belgium, Spain, Bellarus, Germany, Egypt, KSA, Japan, Poland, Italy, Singapore, China, Chile, Turkey, among others with hihest required fruit quality meeting international standards. Being considered in most of our destinations a special premium quality product sold in high standard chains that have lead us to develop customized boxes and packing styles as a method of competitive advantage and sustainability.

Our farms are located in the province of South West, North West, Littoral and East. These are high fruits production areas with the best weathers and a highly fertile soil allowing us to reduce the use of chemicals to its minimum delivering healthier quality fruits to our customers. We are the most direct connection you can find with the best price to buy African Banana, Avocados, Mangoes, Pineapple and Lemon.

Thanks to the strategies and partnerships with our growers and suppliers, we have the quantity, quality and variety of the fruits. We are able to carry out from one container to desired number of containers that our customers may require. We are just what you need. DYD Fruits Group Of Companies (DYD Fruits Group) is well recognized, a prestigious Cameroonian exporter company, who have been dedicated to export premium quality Cavendish Bananas, Hass Avocados, Fuerte Avocados, Yellow Eureka Lemon, Adalia Lemon, Verna Lemon, Alphonso Mangoes, Smooth Cayenne Pineapple, Red Spanish Pineapple, Sugarloaf Pineapple, Queen Pineapple and other exotics fruits.

Thanks to extensive experience of management in production, marketing and exportation areas, DYD Fruits Group Of Companies (DYD Fruits Group) have had substantial growth since it was founded.

Crespo Alam said:

This company is not only about selling bananas, it´s about giving a better quality of life to those who are out there in the field, because without them we are nothing.

DYD Fruits


To establish and consolidate a network of international fruits market, promoting the technological development of our producers, the continuous improvement of the processes and the motivation of our employees, in order to achieve higher productivity without neglecting the development of its inhabitants and the conservation of the environment.
Also to provide the best fruits export service in Cameroon and world wide, always taking the same care even of the smallest orders. Our reputation and quality of the tropical exotic fruits is our best cover letter.


To become leaders in the country and as well as in foreign markets in the export and marketing of tropical exotic fruits, satisfying the needs of our customers, to the most demanding one.
To reach more parts of the world with our fruit and always be recognized for our constant work of continuous improvement, outstanding quality and excellent customer service while always remainding committed to our producers to provide all facilities for mutual growth.


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